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Penumatic Impulse Auto. Sealers

Penumatic Impulse Auto. Sealers

300FIG Penumatic Impulse Auto. Sealers

Penumatic Impulse Auto. Sealers

450FDG Penumatic Impulse Auto. Sealers

Product ID: FIG, FDG

.The new pneumatic impulse foot sealers is unique , because the actual sealing pressure is now strong, consistent and controllable. Sealing pressure is increased and consistent, saving time, energy and no noise.
Helpful in sealing application where time and pressure need to be regulated. These unique sealers are quieter in that the clanging noise found inmost other automatic sealers is reduced.
.Air usage 4.0 CFM @ 80PSI

  • 300FIG, 305FIG, 3010FIG
  • 450FIG, 455FIG, 4510FIG
  • 600FIG, 605FIG, 6010FIG
  • 800FIG, 805FIG
  • Single Heat Sealer
  • 305FDG , 3010FDG
  • 455FDG, 4510FDG
  • 605FDG, 6010FDG
  • 805FDG
  • Bi-Active Heat Seal
  • Seal well
  • No noise
  • Saving time
  • Safety
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Model 300/305/3010FIG 450/455/4510FIG 600/605/6010FIG 800/805FIG
Max.Seal Length 300mm(12") 450mm(18") 600mm(24") 800mm(32")
Max.Seal Width 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm
Watts 450/900/1100W 600/1200/1500W 800/1500/1900W 1000/1800W
  • CE
  • RoHS
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product, Buyer's Label Offered
  • FOB: Keelung, Taiwan

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