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Adjustable Angle Impulse Foot Sealers

Adjustable Angle Impulse Foot Sealers

300FIT Foot Sealer

Product ID: FIT, FDT

The Foot Impulse Tilt Sealer (FIT models) comes Standard with the adjustable angle head that converts from a horizontal to a vertical sealer. This option allows user to bring the sealing jaws to a better angle, minimizing work and increasing production time. Included is an extended foot pedal and a large Heavy Duty Work Table to support heavier products. The Heavy Duty Work Table is adjustable up or down and can support up to 45 lbs. with ease. The sealing head has an angle that is adjustable up to a 45-degree downward tilt. This system is great for items like powders, grains, liquids and etc.

  • 300FIT 450FIT 600FIT 800FIT
  • 305FIT 455FIT 605FIT 805FIT
  • 3010FIT 4510FIT 6010FIT
  • Single Heat Foot Sealer
  • 305FDT 455FDT 605FDT 805FDT
  • 3010FDT 4510FDT 6010FDT 
  • Bi-Active  Heat Foot Sealer
  • Adjustable angle head
  • Heavy-duty working table
  • Long extended tube with foot pedal
  • For liquid & powder packaging
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Model 300/305/3010FIT 450/455/4510FIT 600/605/6010FIT 800/805FIT
Max.Seal Length 300mm(12") 450mm(18") 600mm(24") 800mm(32")
Max.Seal Width 2.4/5/10mm 2.4/5/10mm 2.4/5/10mm 2.4/5/10mm
Heat Timer 0.3-2.2Sec 0.3-2.2Sec 0.3-2.2Sec 0.3-2.2Sec
Watts 450/900/1100W 600/1200/1500W 840/1500/1900W 1100/1800W
  • CE
  • RoHS
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product, Buyer's Label Offered
  • FOB: Keelung, Taiwan

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